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In December 2013, Roberta was diagnosed with Stage  IIB, Estrogen Positive, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer. While receiving treatment, she noticed there was a huge disconnect in the medical community with regards to care and participation of under-served communities. Roberta made it her passion to bridge the disparities gap in the Black/African American and Person of Color communities by providing outreach programs and explaining the importance of clinical trials. Today, she is involved with several organizations to continue to advocate for the cancer community.

Donna Noce Calaco Going Beyond Award

When Bobbi was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the organizations that helped her in her time of need was, Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC). In the years since her diagnosis, LBBC, has continued to be a resource and a place for Bobbi to be able to give back. She is an advocate for those in the breast cancer community and beyond. In the midst of her journey, she has recognized the need for representation for Black women and people of color who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Answering the call to advocate, Bobbi has positioned herself to be a force within the cancer community both among her peers and with medical professionals alike.

In 2020, Bobbi was set to be honored by LBBC at their annual Butterfly Ball with the “Donna Noce Calaco Going Beyond Award.” In 2021, LBBC had their Butterfly Ball in person and Bobbi was able to be honored for her advocacy. 

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